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Elephant Training Wall

This project was designed for maintaining foot and nail health of the elephants in care. Our unique design gives keepers the much needed access to the elephants head, ears and trunk without worry of being injured by the elephants and helps to assist keepers with training for desired behavioral responses. We at Westech specialize in custom animal enrichment projects like this one that assist keepers in engaging the animals while still guaranteeing the safety of both parties. Materials used for this project included steel pipe and round stock so that no sharp edges or corners were present in order to further ensure animal safety.

Drone Launch & Recovery System

This project was designed for Military use and focused primarily on building a system to aid in the launching and retrieving of autonomous underwater vehicles. The system was specifically designed for a 34' rib, inflatable work platform. Because of the wide array of custom fabricated parts and materials involved, material acquisition and build logistics were the most complicated issues during both the fabrication and design process. Though a challenge, this is something we are uniquely qualified to handle here at our shop.

Zoo Animal Transportation Trailer

This trailer was custom designed to provide transportation for several species of hoofed mammals. The trailer has sliding panes to separate up to five animals and includes feed doors, darting ports and keeper access doors for all five animals. Additionally, ventilation ducts and an AC system for animal comfort were built directly into the trailers frame. This trailer was fabricated with galvanized steel in the lower frame and aluminum in the upper house in order to help keep the trailer light weight while remaining sturdy for safe animal transport. Custom trailers like this are not available in the commercial trailer market. We at Westech however, have been fabricating customized trailers for over 25 years intended for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to: zoological, marine, military and commercial needs.

Antenna Platform

This project was designed and fabricated for Military use and aids in Military communication efforts. The 100 percent weld requirement for this project made the additionally required flatness tolerance element one of the most complicated challenges during both the design and assembly processes. The platform is covered by a custom fabricated plate decking, that was manufactured in-house using our hypertherm XPR300 high definition plasma cutting table.

Large Cat Cages

Westech has fabricated big cat cages for a multitude of cat species including larger cats such as lions, leopards and mountain lions as well as smaller cats such as links and servals. Each cage has customized shift doors and tunnels for assistance in altering cat movement through the enclosure with animal and keeper safety in mind. All of our cages incorporate raised perches and brackets for the mounting of dead wood logs and other items that may be used in animal enrichment. Materials used in the building of our cages are galvanized steel along with square tubing and heavy wire chosen by our clients.

Commercial Construction

We provide original and repair fabrication for commercial and residential construction for both military and civilian projects. Additionally, our team of fabricators installs all of our structural builds ourselves to guarantee that the assembly/installation is as specified in each design. These projects typically include an array of different requirements such as columns, beams, moment frames, seismic bracing or wood to wood connections. Materials routinely used include wide flange-beams, plates, shapes, and pipes, among others.

Transportion Crates

We have custom fabricated transport crates for a variety of animal species, including but not limited to: birds, primates, reptiles, hoofed mammals, large carnivores such as bears and cats and many others. All of our crates can be individually customized for a multitude of different needs such as entry and exit door styles (Ex: swing or guillotine doors), feed doors, urine collection pans, and options for keeper assistance in securing and stabilizing the animal for medical procedures. All of our crates are designed with both animal and keeper safety a priority.

Animal Capture & Weigh Stations

The fabrication and installation of capture and weigh stations for zoological animal care assists keepers in the safe capture of animals for many needs such as taking animal weight measurements as well as assistance in animal crating, transportation, medical procedures and much more.

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